Daze Trilogy @ The Jane - Charlotte De Cock
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Daze Trilogy @ The Jane

About This Project


In this Vimeo, including a series of time-lapses and hyper-lapses, with over 20,000 photos, Charlotte is seen in the process of painting from blank canvas to finished artwork, including her drawings and preparatory sketches for her dance performance as well. Even though we are watching a smartly accelerated paste-up of these photos, we still are able to witness, step by step, be it a quick-step— Charlotte’s pace—how the painting develops, how she finishes it, as always, with her brilliant white strokes.

This first part of a new trilogy, called DAZE, was shot and performed in The Jane, voted the world’s most beautiful restaurant, offering the most high-class dining experience in Antwerp, and according to De Cock, is “a very powerful place full of creativity and the name screams femininity, passion and strength”.

Watching her dance-performance, this fascinating duet with the white cloth—always that white!— carefully prepared in these drawings, and
masterly executed thanks to her feline femininity, her passion and strength. There can be no doubt about her statement.

After all the masters, she has become a master herself. (léon lemahieu)