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Jane, The first part of the Daze trilogy

Jane, The first part of the Daze trilogy

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ocumenting the collaboration between restaurant The Jane, recently voted as “most beautiful restaurant in the world” and Belgian painter Charlotte De Cock. It includes a series of timelapses and hyperlapses, with more than 20000 photos, showing the process of Charlotte’s latest painting, from blank canvas to finished artwork.


Charlotte De Cock, the 28-year old paintress from Antwerp, comes out with a new trilogy, called Daze. To produce her first piece, Charlotte De Cock stayed a few days in the The Jane Anwerp, recently voted as the world’s most beautiful restaurant. According to Charlotte: The Jane is a very powerful place full of creativity and the name screams femininity, passion and strength. As a result the painting, which is called “JANE By Charlotte”, shows a strong, female body as centerpiece.

The work comes with an impressive making-off video, shot by the talented Richard Van der Vieren (AOOA.TV). The entire trilogy will be presented in this new and digital way of show piecing her work straight to the audience. Through the following aesthetic video, you can watch the progression of the painting JANE By Charlotte: Founders of The Jane Antwerp, Nick Bril and Sergio Herman, are very pleased with the art collaboration between them and Charlotte De Cock. “ We are utterly proud to have inspired Charlotte and to be able to share this painting with all of our guests.” – Nick Bril

As from the 10th of December, guests can notice the painting in the Antwerp based restaurant. Afterwards the painting will be sold. “JANE By Charlotte” is the first part of the DAZE trilogy. Three pieces, three videos, which connect through the subject. The next two pieces and videos will be made and shot at other amazing locations, which are still secret.

Filmed and edited by Richard Van der Vieren – AOOATV. additional shots by Witse Wijckmans
more info / behind the scenes / photos:

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