Barefoot - Charlotte De Cock
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Barefoot was an experience, not just another party. A truly magical moment of music, arts, food, drinks, fashion and more... You could call it an event with a very big heart and eye for detail.
It was a place of love and peace inspired by the philosophy of the Burning Man Festival:  green and naturally beautiful location, a “leav no trace”- policy and love for nature. Arts and music were central. The stage and all other art and installations were created out of recuperated material and wood. No plastic, all handmade. This in combination with the ‘Barefooters’ dressed as crazy as can be, and an amazing line-up created the perfect summer vibe.It grew rapidly, not in a commercial way, but in a creative, artsy underground way, which was exactly the plan. After 4 years unfortunately it came to an end, due to lack of funding. (charlotte de cock)