[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n 2009 De Cock’s first exhibition was with Frank Van Laer in Antwerp of a series of Marie Antoinette paintings. The collection was of atypical, mischievous and humorous scenes of Antoinette in the 18th century. The exhibition was a success, with all works sold at the Vernissage. Martin Schmidt from Gallery DiMeo in Paris called her style, ‘Rock Baroque ‘. Shortly after the exhibition Luc Tuymans accepted an invitation by De Cock to come to her studio and evaluate her work. During his visit she painted a dramatic portrait of him.

De Cock has also taken part in Elephant Parade in the Netherlands and at Campo and Campo in 2011. In addition, she entered an artists competition in London and was one of the winners selected to exhibit at Liverpool Street Station.

In 2012 De Cock traveled to the United States. During a road trip through the Southwest she, “discovered the beauty and expressiveness of the Native American culture,” which resulted in a series of self portraits in Native American style.

She exhibited the series in 2013 for the WO-MEN exhibition in the Fine Art Gallery in Antwerp and at the Soze Gallery in Los Angeles, where she spent a three month artist residency. In 2014, De Cock again used elements of nature and historical costumes in her theme La Chasse, inspired by the fox hunt which she showed in a private exhibition in Antwerp.

Also in 2014, De Cock painted a series titled, The Thirteen Masters. The series told a story about thirteen male artists who are the voice of a generation through the arts, music, acting, writing and photography. The artists she picked are all internationally known, but based in Antwerp and included Luc Tuymans, Koen van den Broek, Robbe De Hert, Jan Decleir, Fred Bervoets, Damiaan De Schrijver, Ludo Mich, Guillaume Bijl, Jeroen Olyslaegers, Wim Catrysse, Tom Barman, Guy Van Bossche, Herman Selleslags. De Cock portrayed these men in an, “unexpected way.” De Cock painted them as they are, in a setting where they go to relax, escape, or vent. On the opening night Luc Tuymans came to do the opening speech at Koen van den Broek’s studio where De Cock held her month long residency.

De Cock and her works have appeared in publications from around the world such as; the Antwerp Gazette, Laatste News, Talkies, Menzo, Flair, More Than Classic, Elle Magazine, ELLE (Europe), Steps Magazine, De Standard, Focus, VIF, and Knack among others.

De Cock is influenced by writers like Jack Kerouac, and Hunter S. Thompson, filmmakers like Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, Polanski and Sophia Coppola; music from Led Zeppelin to Mozart, but also from nature or even a stranger.